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Removal procedures for asbestos fencing.

Once on site we do a safe work procedure as per Work Safe requirements and notify neighbors and bystanders that we are about to remove asbestos fence sheets.

  • We place a caution asbestos fence removal sign in plain sight and barricade off the area from the public.
  • We then put on disposable overalls, nitrile gloves and safety respirators designed for the use of removing asbestos.
  • If required we will spray the asbestos fence with a low pressure PVA spray to seal any loose asbestos fibers that could potentially be disturbed. Otherwise we use a low pressure water during the whole procedure. Whilst removing asbestos fence sheets the sheets remain wet at all times until on the plastic ready for wrapping.
  • All bolts are then unbolted, removed and disposed of with the asbestos fence sheets.
  • We then dig along the fence line down to the bottom of the asbestos sheets.
  • The asbestos fence sheets are dug out of the ground and then completely removed, as a whole sheet.
  • The asbestos sheets are then wrapped in 2 micron thick black plastic and taped closed to stop any dust or fibers escaping.
  • Asbestos sheets are then taken to an approved refuse site for disposal.
  • When we are satisfied all the asbestos is removed we go over our Safety plan and sign the area clear of asbestos fence material if clear.


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