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Colourbond Fencing
If you are considering erecting Colour bond Fencing then we have a dedicated Colourbond Fencing page..

Asbestos removal in Perth
Suburban Fencing have removed thousands of asbestos fence sheets around Perth. ..


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Colorbond Fencing

Try this link to a great colorbond fencing colour  selection programme.

SUBURBAN FENCING install COLORBOND® fencing on a daily basis in the Perth metro area.
We offer FREE QUOTES on supply and installation.

Did you know that;

-Colorbond fencing is generally cheaper than Hardie fence to get installed?

-Is easy and inexpensive to repair.


-All our work is guaranteed against faulty workmanship.

-We have never had a call back for our colourbond fencing we have installed, (besides to do more work fencing work).

A fence made of COLORBOND® fencing is a secure, strong and beautiful addition to your home and is used extensively throughout Western Australia.
With so many colour choices and design options, SUBURBAN FENCING can come up with a colourbond fencing solution that’s in perfect harmony with your home and your outdoor living areas. We will help you find a colorbond colour to complement the rest of your home - particularly those highly visible features like your steel roof, gutters or garage door.

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At the same time, you’ll know your colorbond fence is made to last.

* Available in a choice of 14 designer colours.
* Strong and durable.
* Easy to maintain.
* Won’t rot, burn or be eaten by termites.
* Enhances the security of your home and family.
* Backed by a 10 year warranty from BlueScope Steel.
* COLORBOND® steel looks great from both sides of the fence.

Color Bond fencing is easy to maintain

Once it's up, there's very little do. Keep an eye on the bottom of the fence to ensure it's clear of soil and garden debris, and give the whole fence an occasional wash down.

Because it's COLORBOND® fencing, you won't be repainting it every couple of years, nor will you have to nail palings back on.
It's secure and private

With no vertical gaps for prying eyes, COLORBOND®  fencing is a great privacy screen.

Colorbond fencing is also a secure barrier. There are no easy foot or hand holds for climbing, so it helps keep unwanted visitors out and your pets and children in.

Colorbond fencing is a good choice for the environment

Steel is a 100 percent recyclable material.

Also, today's modular steel fencing systems generate very little scrap during installation - and whatever waste material is left over can, of course, be recycled.

And because a fence made from COLORBOND® steel is termite proof, you don't have to apply toxic chemical treatments - good news for your garden and your family's health.

Colorbond fencing is backed by Blue Scope Steel

For your peace of mind, Blue Scope Steel guarantees the performance of fencing made from COLORBOND® steel with a 10 year warranty on posts, rail and infill sheets.

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