What do I do when I have a dispute with my neighbour on where boundary line is?

If you cannot agree on the boundary line for the purpose of constructing or repairing a fence, you may give the owner of adjoining land notice of your intention to have the boundary line defined by a land surveyor, licensed and registered with the Department of Land Information. Within one month of receiving a notice, an adjoining owner must define the boundary line by pegs or employ a land surveyor to define the common boundary line. Once the owner of adjoining land has done this he or she must give you notice of the action taken. If the owner who has been given the notice does not do anything then you may have the common boundary surveyed. If after you have the land surveyed the boundary is found to be in the same position as defined by the pegs placed there by the owner receiving the notice, then the owner is entitled to recover the costs, if he paid a surveyor. If the boundary is found to be in a different position to that claimed by you, then you will be liable to pay half of the surveyor’s costs.

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