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1Do dividing fences agreements have to be in writing?No Category
2Does the law covering dividing fences include retaining walls?No Category
3How can I get a copy of my local government’s fencing local laws?No Category
4How do I find the owner of the land next door?No Category
5How do I serve notice on my adjoining owner?Customers
6How many years have you been in business?Company
7I have a faulty products, who should I contact?Products
8My land has a road along side of it. Can I get my local government to pay for half the cost of fencing it off?No Category
9My local government does not have local laws covering fences so what now?No Category
10The fence separating my neighbour’s place from our place does not give us any privacy. Can we do something about it?No Category
11What are your Opening Hours?Company
12What do I do when I have a dispute with my neighbour on where boundary line is?No Category
13What is a Sufficient fence?No Category
14What is the law covering fences?No Category
15What is your refund policy?Customers