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Hardie Fencing

Hardie Fence is good when used to;
  • Separate two properties that may have slight height differences between them,
  • Keeping dogs in their yard, (especially if the dogs are aggressive or diggers).
  • On sloping ground.


We do repairs to small sections of Hardie fencing. Usually only up to 20m If an entire fence line is in need of replacement we will recommend replacing your fence with colorbond. Replacing your damaged Hardie Fence with colorbond usually works out cheaper than Hardie fence and a lot of insurance companies are happy for you to change.

Please note that during busy periods we may not be able to fit in repair jobs in a timely manner(unless previously booked). If this is the case we will notify you straight away as to when and if we could and give you a date for the works to be completed.

SUBURBAN FENCING install Hardie fence or often referred to as “super six” fencing which is and was the replacement for asbestos fencing.
Hardie fences are made of cement/wood and were the main fencing choice available to home owners at the time .
Super six (ripples six inches apart) was the replacement for asbestos fencing around 1982. It has the same shape as the old hazardous asbestos fencing as it used the same molding.
Later on James Hardie changed the profile to the current shape which has bigger ripples.

In my experience Hardie fences tend to break off at ground level over time. This is not always the case and it varies greatly with installation, nature and  loads put upon it. With the old asbestos fencing it was not the case as asbestos fibers do not decompose in the ground as organic fibers can found in the new hardie fence.

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