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Limestone Retaining Walls


SUBURBAN FENCING specialise in the supply and installation of reconstituted limestone retaining walls directly related to colorbond fence installation.
What we can provide for you is;

  • Existing fence removal,
  • Supply of reconstituted limestone blocks,
  • Installation of reconstituted limestone blocks,
  • Supply of colorbond fencing,
  • Installation of colorbond fencing,
  • Backfilling if required.
We offer a one stop solution for your project from inception to job completion.


 A Retaining wall is often required when planning to install a new colorbond fence.Retaining walls are commonly needed when there is a height difference between neighbors properties or in different sections along a fence line.

Typical areas are;

When neighbors have different ground levels and the old fence has been doing the retaining.
When the fence line is sloping and a level fence is desired.

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