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Pool Fencing Regulations

Pool Fencing Requirements

All pool fencing supplied and installed by SUBURBAN FENCING or its contractors meets or exceeds these requirements.


Australian Standard 1926.1 - 1993; Is the recognized standard in Australia and is referenced into Western Australian Legislation regarding the design, construction and performance of a child safety barrier designed to restrict access to the pool area by children aged 4 and under.


There are a number of basic barrier design elements that must be considered when designing a barrier and selecting appropriate materials from which it is constructed.  These considerations must be made with a number of others.

For examples:

  • Land contour.
  • Proximity to residence.
  • Neighboring property features.
The following information must be adhered with when all parts of the barrier are assessed for performance and compliance.


The effective barrier height shall not be less than 1.20m, along the length of the fence measured to the finished ground level on the outside.

Vertical Members

Spacing between vertical members must not exceed 100mm at any point.(see diagram above)

Horizontal Members

  • Substantial horizontal surfaces such as rails and bracings that could be used as toe or foot holds for climbing (greater than 10mm), must be situated not less than 900mm apart.
  • If less than 900mm apart, the horizontal members must be on the inside of the fence with the vertical members spaced no more than 10mm apart.
  • The top surface of the highest of the lower most horizontals must be at least 1.10m below the top of the fence.
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