Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing

If you are putting in a new pool it can not be filled with water if you do not have fencing around it!

If you are building a retaining wall your fence may be down for a week or more!

If having an old fence taken down to be replaced with a new one you may need to keep pets secure.

Unfortunately many times the decorative pool fencing is the last thing to go in, as the pool, retaining walls, reticulation, paving and landscaping usually go in first.

We can supply and install temporary pool fencing and boundary fencing for your project.

What We can do for you:

We can organize delivery, erection, dismantling and return delivery.

  • Delivery costs $130 or pick up and save.
  • Return delivery $130 or return and save.
  • Per metre per week $1

For an accurate costing please email us to receive a quotation on your Temporary Fence Hire requirements.